Frequently Asked Questions

Are our tours right for you?

We design soccer tours for groups ranging from youth development programs to college soccer teams and adult recreation teams. We also accommodate individual athletes.


How much do our trips cost?
A typical tour costs $1,800 to $2,500 per player, not including airfare. If you wish to design your own trip please contact us contact us to get started.


When should I begin planning a trip?

We recommend you start the booking process 6 to 12 months before you want to travel. The sooner we are able to submit your request, the better we’ll be able to secure your preferred travel schedule.


Are we required to stay a minimum number of nights?      

Our minimum length of stay is 5 nights.


Are we responsible for our own air travel to Europe?

Yes,  individuals and teams are responsible for their own air travel. Our tour planners will work with you to arrange transportation from the airport to lodging in your destination city as part of the tour fee.


Will we stay at a hotel during our tour?

Yes, we recognize that where you stay is often as important as where you go, so we take great care in arranging accommodations tailored to your  needs.


Are family members allowed to travel?

Absolutely! We offer spots for family members looking to join the tour! Family members get access to everything…aside from the coaching of course!